NDE Offshore

NDE Offshore performs advanced subsea surveys with experienced technical personnel, modern equipment, and tailored documentation for your project.

We have been performing various activities related to subsea exploration since 2005.

We have the following capabilities related to the survey:

  • Various ROVs and technicians
  • Multi-purpose daughter craft
  • In-house engineering
  • Inspection Repair Maintenance technicians


NDE Offshore can create the following reports, depending on the purpose of the survey:

NDE Offshore survey reports are a qualitative risk analysis tool for assessing the impact and likelihood of identified anomalies on the inspected platforms / subsea structures.

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A multibeam echosounder (MBES) is a type of sonar used to map the seabed. It emits acoustic waves in a fan shape beneath its transceiver. The time it takes for the sound waves to reflect off the seabed and return to the receiver is used to calculate the water depth.