NDE Offshore

We perform maintenance and repairs for offshore assets, both under and above the water.

Our solutions rely on technical data, dive operations, and ROV operations.

NDE Offshore team of experts delivers trustful risk analysis and inspections paired with a maintenance and repair plan. Our engineers provide well-documented methods combined with advanced processes to guarantee your high-value project’s safe insight and repair plan. 

Our project managers, engineers, and technicians work closely together to fulfill the needs outlined in your project request. 

Our task is to maintain your offshore assets safely and methodically so they can function safely without interruptions and obstacles. 

We have the following capabilities related to AIM/IMR:

  • In-house engineering
  • Project Managers
  • Inspection Repair Maintenance technicians
  • Divers (surface-supplied diving and saturation diving)
  • Various ROVs and technicians
  • Multi-purpose daughter craft
  • Multi-purpose supply vessel
  • Topside Rope Access
  • Drone


Our onshore and offshore personnel have substantial experience within IMR (inspection, maintenance, and repair) and are trained in solving complex projects and handling unpredicted emergencies. All our staff are certified and are training emergency scenarios regularly. 

NDE Offshore carries out successful inspection and repair projects, both short-notice emergency matters and scheduled repairs, that are determined after our risk analysis. 

NDE Offshore has its own inspection and repair equipment and a supporting diving and repair fleet. ROVs, LARS, and SRPs are specially set up for your project to perform inspection, maintenance, and repair chores. Our specialized project team consists of proficient engineers continuously engaging in operational planning and engineering for IMR operations. 

NDE Offshore operates in the Middle East and Europe. We perform various IRM works for wind farms, vessels, and the Oil and gas industry. 

The combination of tools we use for risk analysis generates different reports such as:  

  • Anomaly Reports (Excel sheets & Video grabs) 
  • Events Report (Images & Video grabs) 
  • Component Reports  
  • (Generate all video grabs &   anomalies and Tasks related to each component) 
  • Datasheets Reports 
  • Word Report 

Those are all part of the process that prioritizes anomalies for further actions and analysis. 

We carry out the following services:

Qualitative risk analysis to identify anomalies on the inspected platforms/subsea structures

Qualitative risk analysis evaluates and rates an identified risk based on its severity and the likelihood of its consequences. The goal of qualitative risk analysis is to develop a short list of risks that need to be prioritized above others. 

Project managers oversee our repair and maintenance team alongside essential team members. Whether scheduled maintenance or urgent pipeline repairs, we offer a comprehensive range of products and services to uphold production reliability. 

ROV stands for remotely operated vehicle. These unmanned underwater machines are exceptionally agile, enabling exploration of ocean depths while being controlled by an operator at the water’s surface. 

Nondestructive testing (NDT) is a method of inspection and analysis used to assess the properties of pipelines without destroying the original system’s serviceability. 

NDE Offshore helps you with regular inspection, repair, and maintenance. We pinpoint flaws and issues and aim to keep your offshore assets working smoothly. 

We carry out disposal services such as pipeline removals, cutting pipelines, and recovery. 

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