NDE Offshore

From the idea to the actual construction

NDE Offshores engineers are experts in offshore architecture and construction design and will help you manage your project through every step. Whether you want to redesign, build new, build on, or review existing structures, you can access the combined experience of our architects and construction engineers.

With in-depth expertise since 2005, we have helped offshore energy companies (Oil, gas, and wind) solve the engineering challenges of operating in oceans in northern Europe and the Middle East.


Whether you want to redesign, build new, build on, or review existing structures, our engineers can assist.

Oil, gas, and renewable energy

Oil, gas, and renewable energy

Our approach integrates advanced technical knowledge, firsthand experience, and well-grounded advice aligned with the geological conditions in that area.

We understand the risk throughout every phase of oil and gas ventures. Working closely with you, we prioritize safety and excellence.

Vessel modification

We can assist with vessel re-design if you are looking into adding new features to an existing vessel, like transforming a platform supply vessel into a multi-purpose support vessel.

Our in-house engineering services include:

  • Scheduling
  • Installation drawings
  • Mobilization planning
  • Plan, design, and engineer subsea installation.
  • Engineer project-specific Deck layout and vessel modification.
  • Platform life extension
  • Decommissioning planning

With our in-house engineering expertise, your company will receive a well-documented plan and drawings for your unique project. We work with project-adapted planning, technical quality assurance of projects, and streamlining of the logistic process. We carefully manage all risks to safeguard both personnel and the environment.

The result of your unique project will be a robust solution based on technical data, good planning, and close teamwork.

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