NDE Offshore

Over time NDE has grown into an international company expanding its services well beyond diving activities and opening new bases. In the 25 years to follow, NDE learned and gathered brilliant minds and experiences, granting the company access to business in civil and energy sectors from aviation and marine to land. We operate via our own offices or Ad Hoc selected local facilities to contain the costs and maintain competitiveness.

Today we operate in:

About Us

Our history timeline:

2005 NDE Offshore was founded

The company was founded in Sweden as a civil diving contractor, mainly performing construction and maintenance works for harbors, dams and work energy-related project

NDE is awarded a construction support project in Tarifa Spain, the first outside Sweden.

The company become ISO 9001/14001 certified and a member of IMCA.

Apr 2008-Nov 2010 Muhibbah Marine GmbH , Yemen
• Installation of 2×800 m long outlet pipes for cooling water
• Positioning and installing jackets for the jetty.
• Fitting and installation of anodes and removal of redundant material after installation: underwater welding/burning, dredging etc.

Apr-Oct 2012 North sea, German Sector

Subsea inspection and installation campaign:
• ROV dredging
• ROV inspection of the substructure
• ROV wire cutting and recovery from the seabed
• ROV clamp installation

Jul-Oct North Sea, German Sector

Subsea inspection and installation campaign:
• ROV cutting of hydraulic jacking strands
• Removal of grout hoses/hydraulic lines
• ROV/Dive inspection of platforms
• ROV/Dive removal of clamps
• Sealing of holes in the structure
• Removal of installation equipment


North Sea, German Sector Dec, 2016
Periodic subsea and topside inspections of offshore converter platforms.


Apr-Jun North Sea, German Sector

Periodic inspections of helidecks on offshore converter platforms:

• Rope Access inspection of helideck structure
• Bolt testing

July North sea, German Sector

Subsea installation and inspection campaign:
• Installation of filter units (scour protection)
• ROV Seabed debris scan
• Salvage of seabed objects

Feb 2019 Dubai UAE
Headquarters moves to Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Oct 2019-Apr 2021 Barzan Field, Qatar
Activities relating to the installation of pipeline

Mar– Jun 2021 North Sea, German Sector
Fabrication & Installation of new helideck including Commissioning after installation.

Feb 2022 KSA
NDE Offshore Saudi Arabia
– Alfahes Marine Consulting Co.

Installation of 4 x SPM boys at ARAMCO terminal Juaymah Terminal.

June 2023-ongoing
ROV Pipelay touch-down monitoring, SAT diving for Spool installation, Riser Clamp
replacement, Riser installation, and J-Tube installation, ROV as-lay inspection.

Pre-construction Survey of Cable lay Corridor, Anchor clearance Survey, ROV
touchdown monitoring & ROV Platform structure inspection.