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Selecting the ideal support vessel (MPSV/ DSV) is essential to project planning. Whether tailored specifically for diver support or equipped for multi-role functions, our expertise lies in both chartering and managing support vessels, ensuring the right vessel is fit for the task.

We have been helping many clients with diverse MPSVs/ DSVs, each with unique attributes and requirements. From our experience, we guide clients in vessel selections. Whether clients provide the vessel or entrust us with its management, we guarantee optimal vessel choice and operation.

NDE Offshore provides comprehensive marine development alongside diving services, our services involve:

  • Identifying suitable vessels within the market.
  • Assessing project-specific requirements, including deck space, lifting capability, accommodation, maneuverability, and dynamic positioning.


The high cost of installation systems drives the need for efficiency and effective planning. 

Our MPSV/DSV charter and management services aim to secure the most suitable vessel, equipped with the necessary capabilities for diving support, and ensure offshore operations can work safely without disruptions. As we offer many related services, we can streamline the installation process cut down on time, and control costs.

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